Series 800 Lime Slakers
Positive slaking action with complete reliability

Available in Nine Models
1,000 to 75,000 lbs./hr.

Lime Slaker
Lime Slaker


Slaker is equipped with a dial-type thermometer monitoring slaking chamber. Temperature-activated water valve adds water if slurry temperature exceeds predetermined limit.

Grit Rejection Screen

An oscillating replaceable stainless steel wire mesh (#16 – standard) is provided to ensure a clean product.

Wear Plate

Slaking chamber is fitted with 1/4″ thick steel, replaceable wear plate.


Slaker is all-welded steel construction (stainless steel available), warming jacket barrel walls are rolled steel plate. Slurry discharge piping is CPVC. All water piping and fittings are galvanized steel. All-welded, hardened-steel breaker bars.

Grit Removal Screw

6″ dia. screw conveyor extends 4′ beyond station wall and is powered by 1/3 HP electric motor.


60 Hz, 230/460 volts, chemical duty motors.

Control Panel

NEMA 4 enclosure with all switches, starters, PLC, graphic display, circuit breakers and fuses.


Model Specs

Model CaO lbs./hr. Drive HP
M-5 1,000 1.5
M-15 2,500 2.0
M-25 5,550 5.0
M-40 9,000 7.5
M-55 12,500 10.0
M-60 16,000 15.0
M-90 26,000 20.0
M-120 50,000 50.0
M-150 75,000 75.0

Performance Features

  • Produces 25% (4:1) creamy slurry adjustable lime & water feed rate) requiring far less storage capacity than 10% solutions.
  • Eliminates need to add water that must be removed later – especially for sludge treatment.
  • Slakes all normally reactive pebble quicklime, compartment and keeps slurry in full powder to 3/4″. No jamming by grit buildup.
  • Water jacket conserves heat to speed up slaking. NO OUTSIDE HEAT SOURCE IS REQUIRED!
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic control of slaking temperature.
  • 25% slurry reduces scaling in pipes and valves.
  • Rugged, steel plate construction and sturdy structurals, lined drum with replaceable wear plate.
  • Long-wearing, heavy tool steel agitator/breaker bars sweep entire compartment and keeps slurry in full suspension – no “hot-spots”.
  • Positive vibrating grit removal screen. No chance of grit over weirs or in solution to damage pumps.
  • Oscillating screen rejects grit without diluting slurry.
  • Recovers more lime by washing grit on screen with spray bars using exothermically heated water.
  • Requires less water than most slakers including paste-types; thus, smaller pumps are needed from slaker to process.