Volumetric Feeders
ZMI Engineering manufactures a complete line of feeders that handle everything from granulars to powders.

Volumetric Feeder

Typical feed rates

2 in. 24 cu. ft. Hr.
3 in. 75 cu. ft. Hr.
4 in. 200 cu. ft. Hr.
6 in. 600 cu. ft. Hr.


Options include

  • Several discharge tube styles.
  • Hoppers in many sizes.
  • Vibration.
  • Conditioning screws.
  • VFD controllers.
ZMI Engineering manufactures feeders from 2-6 inches for maximum flexibility and accurately meter up to 600 cu. ft. per hour.

In Carbon, 304, 316 or 3A polished stainless steel, ZMI Engineering has the perfect feeder for all your needs.

All ZMI Engineering products are designed for ease of operation and trouble free feeding. Because of our component design, we can custom fabricate a feeder specifically for your application requirements.

Our design team can help you determine the options you need for your materials. Call for assistance today.